Steering Gears

Denizsan can deliver robust, easily operable and easy servicing steering gears. Double acting cylinder type steering gear has compact design for rudder angles up to 2 x 45°. With hydraulic pumps of constant delivery. Max. working torque 800 kNm depending on rudder angle. There is no need of any external hydraulic piping, electric cable work on the ship structure, with this design the shipyard only needs to do the electrical cable connections to the mounted junction box.

Main Features

• Compact dimensions with low height

• For rudder angle up to +/- 45°

• Integrated mechanical stoppers

• Simple assembly and maintenance

• Simple and safe operation

• Compatible with all major brands of autopilot and rudder control systems

• Available with Denizsan motor starters, rudder control and steering gear alert systems, offering simplified bridge interfaces.

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