GRP Doors

GRP doors are used extensively in the marine industry particularly for their anti-corrosive properties, lightness and aesthetic looks. Our doors have been redesigned and improved by Compomarine and offered to the service of the marine sector as domestic products.

 Main Features

  • The doors can be manufactured with any desired color specified in RAL color codes.
  • All products are manufactured in special sizes according to customer requirements.
  • Light weight. Each door weighs about one-third of a regular steel door.
  • All materials used, including the door locks, are made of quality 316 chrome.
  • Do not require any maintenance. Have stain-resistant surface.
  • Provide excellent thermal insulation.
  • Available in all colors.
  • Delivered with a protective cover and ready for assembly on the ship.


  • Hydraulic shutter
  • Door hook
  • Porthole and/or window
  • Cylinder lock

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